Used Pumps

Pumps are machines for the transport of liquids. This includes thick, viscous liquid-solid mixtures and so-called pastes.
The applications are very versatile and can be found in all all industries. These used Pumps are mainly from mechanical sludge dewatering for feeding filter presses and centrifuges.

The Pumps are in good used condition, are already dismantled, stored and if desired, can be viewed in our warehouse. Here you can find the following Pumps:

  • Progressing Cavity Pumps
  • Piston Membrane Pumps
  • Spherical Membrane Pumps
  • High Pressure Pumps
  • High Pressure Plunger Pumps
  • Piston Membrane Pumps

Used Pumps Overview

Used Progressive Cavity Pump / P-1063

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM 090SY01S08B

Progressing Cavity Pump used / P-1091

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM063SF

Abel used High Pressure Pump / P-1107

Manufacturer Abel
Type PC57.1

High-Pressure Pump used / P-1108

Manufacturer Abel
Type PC57.1

Used High Pressure Pump / P-1109

Manufacturer Abel
Type PC57.1

Used High Pressure Pump Abel / P-1114

Manufacturer Abel
Type HP-K-25-56-CP

Eccentric Screw Pump Used / P-1188

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM045BY04S18B

Used Progressing Cavity Pump / P-1192

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM021SY04S24B

Used High Pressure Pump / P-1193

Manufacturer Uraca
Type KD613

Used Progressive Cavity Pump / P-1205

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM063SY03S18K

Eccentric Screw Pump Used / P-1206

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM063BY03S18B

Used Mono Progressing Cavity Pump / P-1208

Manufacturer Seepex
Type BN10

Used Netzsch Nemo Pump / P-1210

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM031BY04S24B

Used High Pressure Pump / P-1211

Manufacturer Abel
Type AK57/105

Eccentric screw pump used / P-1219

Manufacturer Van Wijk & Boerma
Type NM038BY04S24B

Used Progressive Cavity Pump / P-1253

Manufacturer Seepex
Type BN 26

Used Eccentric Screw Pump / P-1254

Manufacturer Seepex
Type BN 17

Eccentric Screw Pump Used / P-1256

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type 2NE 60A

Eccentric Screw Pump used / P-1257

Manufacturer Seepex
Type BN 35-12

Mono screw pump used / P-1258

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type 4NE 40A

Used high pressure piston pump / P-1259

Manufacturer Abel
Type AK631 105

Used high pressure pump / P-1261

Manufacturer WOMA- Apparatebau
Type Atümat 1503

Mono screw pump used / P-1271

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM031SY02S12B

Netzsch progressing cavity pump used / P-1272

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type 4NE20A

Eccentric screw pump used / P-1273

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM053SY03S18B

Used high pressure pump / P-1274

Manufacturer Abel
Type PC57.1

Eccentric Screw Pump used / P-1293

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM090SY01S08B

Used progressive cavity pump / P-1304

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM076

Mono screw pump used / P-1305

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type NM076

Used High pressure pump / P-1312

Manufacturer Abel
Type HP-K-25-56

Used high pressure pump / P-1313

Manufacturer Abel
Type HP-K-25-56

Pump versions

1. Piston Diaphragm Pump and Spherical Membrane Pump

Piston Diaphragm Pumps and Spherical Membrane Pumps are used for pumping abrasive, viscous and corrosive slurries. They are often used as sludge pumps in sewage treatment plants for feeding filter presses.

2. Progressing Cavity Pump

Progressive Cavity Pumps, also called Eccentric Screw Pumps are used in all industries for continuous promotion of virtually all media. Specifically designed for viscous media as slurries, liquid manure, oil and fats, the eccentric screw pump finds its use.

3. High Pressure Pump or High Pressure Plunger Pump

High Pressure Plunger Pumps, also called High Pressure Piston Pumps can be used for cleaning of equipment and apparatus. Container, filter cloths of filter presses and pipes can thus be cleaned.

Pump Manufacture

carda used machines deals with used Pumps from leading manufacturers such as:

  • Abel
  • Bornemann
  • Emmerich
  • Uraca
  • Netzsch
  • Seepex
  • Rittershaus & Blecher
  • KSB and many more
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