Used Polymer Systems

Secondhand or Used Polymer Systems are plants for the supply, preparation and dosing of organic flocculants.

Flocculants are basically offered either as free-flowing granules, powder or as liquid concentrate. Accordingly, there are polymer processing plants specifically for liquid concentrate or for powder. With some preparation plants, both granulated and liquid polyelectrolytes can be prepared in batch operation.

You can find the following used polymer systems from different manufacturers, types or years of construction:

  • Polymer plants used
  • Flocculant preparation stations used
  • Polymer preparation stations used
  • Dosing systems for polymers used

Used Polymer Systems Overview

Secondhand Polymer Systems

A distinction is made between one, two and three-chamber polymer preparation systems. The three-chamber systems consist of premixing, maturing and metering chambers.

The polymer preparation systems are typically equipped with agitators in the individual preparation chambers. In the premixing chamber, the polymer is mixed with water at a high mixing energy before being redistributed in the maturing chambers. The ready-mixed polymer can be withdrawn from the metering chamber.

Polymer System Designs

The polymer systems are designed for continuous and batch production and maturation of liquid and powder organic flocculants. There are horizontal and vertical systems.

Polymer Systems Areas Of Application

  • Production of paper
  • Wet processing of hard coal and ores
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Bentonite
  • Sand and gravel preparation
  • Treatment processes in the chemical industry, metal industry
  • Flocculation of wastewater and dewatering of sludge from municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants

Polymer Plants Manufacturer

carda used machines deals with used polymer systems from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Alldos Eichler GmbH
  • Alltech Dosieranlagen GmbH
  • Roediger
  • P & P Dosiertechnik
  • GVU Dietrich
  • Filtech

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