Used Conveyor Belt

A used conveyor belt is a portable, stationary and also mobile conveyor system, which can be horizontal or inclined. They are used for continuous transport of bulk or piece goods.

Our used conveyor belt systems mainly come from the treatment of industrial and municipal sludge. The used conveyor belts are in a good used condition. Partly they are already dismantled and stored. But often the used bulk conveyors are still in operation and can be inspected on site, at the customer site.

You can find the following used conveyor belts from different manufacturers, types or years of manufacture:

  • used conveyor belt
  • used belt conveyor
  • used bulk material conveyor
  • used dump conveyor belt

Overview of Used Conveyor Belts

Conveyor Belt Designs

The conveyor belts can be divided into two categories, unit load conveyor belt systems or flat belt conveyor systems:

1. Unit Load Conveyors Or Flat Belt Conveyors

Unit load conveyors are conveyor belts used for connection between machines, for transporting goods or packages. Most belt conveyors are made of the basic material polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), but there are also other materials such as rubber or silicone. Some examples of unit load conveyors are: Telescopic conveyors, adjustable height loading and unloading belts, angled belt conveyors for machine loading and flat belt conveyors.

2. Bulk Material Conveyor Belts Or Troughed Belts

Bulk material conveyor belts can be used in all industries and are available in stationary and mobile versions. These troughed belts can be adapted to different types of bulk materials. Due to the design of the troughed belt, the material accumulates in the center of the belt. A troughed conveyor belt is generally used for long conveying distances so that the material is guided safely and does not fall down. Some examples of bulk material conveyors are: Troughed belt conveyor, Angled belt conveyor, Rubber belt conveyor.

Application Areas Of A Used Conveyor Belt

Applications of unit load conveyor belts and bulk material conveyor belts can be found in numerous industries such as:

  • biomass power plants
  • composting facilities
  • fertilizer industry
  • building materials industry
  • feed industry and agriculture
  • as a discharge system after a screening machine


carda used machines deals with used conveyor belts from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Keiper Fördertechnik
  • Ferroplan
  • Schenk Process
  • Bertram
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