Used filter presses

With used filter presses for industrial use fluids are cleaned and solids are separated from liquids. Second hand filter press are discontinuous pressure filters, they are reliable and robust in many different applications. With great success they are used in many different industries.

This used dewatering technology mainly comes from municipal waste water and industrial sludge dewatering. The used filter presses are in good used condition. Some of them have already been dismantled and are stored. But often the second hand filter press are still in operation and can be viewed at the customer site.

Here you can find the following used filter presses:

  • Used Filter Press
  • Second Hand Filter Press
  • Chamber Filter Press Used
  • Dewatering Filter Press
  • Wastewater filter press
  • Sludge Belt Press Used
  • Industrial filter press used
  • Used Mobile Filter Press

Overview of Used Filter Presses

Second hand filter press / F-1231

Manufacturer Krausse
Type KFP 1200-88/88-30

Nutsche filter dryer used / F-1242

Manufacturer Rosemund
Type RLF02-648-91

Used filter press / F-1246

Manufacturer Passavant
Type AX1200

Chamber Filter Press Used / F-1277

Manufacturer Rittershaus & Blecher
Type 1200

Used Filter Press / F-1278

Manufacturer Rittershaus & Blecher
Type AEH 1200

Sludge filter press used / F-1297

Manufacturer MSE
Type KPF 800-43-25K P-L-S

Used chamber filter press / F-1298

Manufacturer Passavant
Type AX 1200

Membrane filter press used / F-1300

Manufacturer Netzsch
Type 800/64

Used Filter Press / F-1307

Manufacturer MSE
Type KFP1000-90/60-25

Dewatering filter press used / F-1309

Manufacturer Schenk
Type KFP 1500/80

Type of Filter Presses

The industrial filter presses differ in the type of built. The so-called Over-Head construction and Side-Beam construction. Furthermore, another distinction is the type of filter plates that are being used, the so-called Chamber Filter Plates or Membrane Filter Plates.

1. Filter Press

Each Chamber Filter Press has a different number of filter plates. The cake thickness results from the respective adjacent recessed filter plate. The filter plates are enclosed with a filter fabric. They are compressed and sealed by means of hydraulic high pressure of 200-400 bar. Special pumps then push the medium to be separated, with a pressure of 6 bar to 30 bar, in the filter. The solid cake remains in the space, and the liquid runs out through holes in the plates of the filter. It is used for the filtration of suspensions with high solids content. This form is most commonly used.

2. Membrane Filter Press

The Membrane Filter Press is constructed as a Chamber Filter Press, but is characterized in that one or both sides of the chamber is formed with a movable diaphragm. Thus, the cake may be pressed additionally after filtration. It is used for the filtration of suspensions in order to achieve the highest dry matter concentration in the filter cake and faster compression times. This stands out as a great advantage over the Chamber Filter Press. However, it is also technically extensive and thus more expensive to purchase and operate.

3. Belt Filter Press

The Belt Filter Press, or Filter press for sludge dewatering is a continuous pressure filter with filtering cloth as filter medium, in which the flow process takes place in two stages. The first phase is a gravity filtration and the second step is the pressing of the pre-dewatered sludge between two mesh belts, which are guided by rollers. The Belt Filter Press is often found in the textile, paper making and sewage application. However, the achieved dry matter values are much lower than in the Chamber Filter Press.

Filter Press and Membrane Filter Press Applications

Areas of filter presses can be found in many industries such as:

  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Sugar industry
  • Food processing
  • Beverage processing
  • Textile manufacturing
  • Ceramics
  • Oil processing
  • Environmental
  • Wastewater treatment

Filter Press, Membrane Filter Press and Belt Filter Press Manufacturer

carda used machines carries used filter presses from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Andritz
  • Passavant
  • Netzsch
  • Rittershaus & Blecher
  • von Roll
  • Schenk
  • Hoesch
  • and many more
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