Used Electric Motors

An electric motor or three-phase motor is an electromechanical energy converter that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Used electric motors in combination with a gearbox are referred to as drive or gearmotors that reduces the speed of the electric motor.

The used electric motors come from production stops, factory closures or bankruptcy liquidations. At the moment we have only as good as new un-used electric motors in stock.

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Overview of used electric motors

Three-Phase Induction Motor Used 160 kW / EM-1143

Manufacturer Siemens
Type 1PH72282HF0101BB9-Z

Electric Motor or E-Motor Versions

An electric motor or e-motor is an electromechanical energy converter that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Depending on the form in which the electrical energy is available, motors with direct current, alternating current or three-phase current are used.

DC Motor

The DC motor is an electric motor that runs on direct current and consists of a stator and a rotor. They are very easy to adjust the speed and torque, and therefore are built in all sizes.

In industry, DC motors are mainly found in machine tools, conveyors and rolling mills.

Three-Phase Motor Or Alternating Current Motor

A three-phase motor is an electric motor that is controlled with a three-phase alternating current or "three-phase current". This can be done by a three-phase mains supply or a frequency converter. Three-phase motors are designed as synchronous motors and asynchronous motors:

  • Synchronous motors cannot start up independently without auxiliary means. Frequency converters are therefore connected upstream for startup and control.
  • Asynchronous motors are manufactured with up to several megawatts of power and are most commonly used in industrial applications.

Three-phase motors are operated in industry, production or electric machines.

Electric Motors Manufacturer

carda used machines deals in used electric motors from renowned manufacturers such as:

  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • SEW
  • Emod
  • Küenle
  • VEM
  • Getriebebau Nord
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