Used Screw Conveyor

A screw conveyor transports bulk materials such as powder, granules, as well as pastes and also slurries. These are conveyed quickly and safely from point A to B in a trough or pipe channel by means of a rotating, helical screw conveyor. The used screw conveyor is generally a closed system with inlet and outlet.

There are designs for horizontal, diagonal and vertical conveying. There are tubular screw conveyors, trough screw conveyors and spiral conveyors. Our used screw conveyors are mainly from municipal wastewater treatment and industrial sludge dewatering and wood processing. You can find the following used screw conveyors from different manufacturers, types or years of construction:

  • used screw conveyors
  • used tubular screw conveyors
  • used spiral screw conveyors
  • used trough screw conveyors

Overview Of Used Screw Conveyors

Spiral conveyor with double spiral used / SF-1311

Manufacturer PURATEX Anlagetechnik GmbH
Type SS D 280 R / 6150

Screw Conveyor Designs

The screw conveyors differ in the type of construction.

1. Trough Screws or trough screw conveyors

There are three versions of trough augers:

  • The light version is used for transporting powders and granules and for processing soaps and detergents.
  • The medium version is used in wood processing, in the animal feed industry, in the chemical industry and in environmental technology in both the municipal and industrial sectors.
  • The heavy-duty version is used in cement, lime and plaster works as well as in mining.

2. Shaftless Conveyors

Shaftless conveyors, also called spiral conveyors, are screw conveyors for conveying difficult materials such as slurries, creams and pastes. They are mainly used in waste water and waste treatment. They have no shaft and axle bearings. They are directly supported and guided in the trough.

3. Pipe Augers

The tubular spirals consist of a tube with at least one inlet and one outlet. Depending on the total length of the helix, a certain number of intermediate bearings are installed. Gear motors adapted to the application complete the screw. Tubular screws are manufactured only in medium-heavy versions. Depending on the application, the screw conveyors are available with different helical designs and different inlet and outlet types.

Screw Conveyor Manufacturer

carda used machines deals in used screw conveyors from reputable manufacturers such as:

  • TMG
  • Rematec
  • WAM
  • SKS

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