Used Mills

With a Disintegrating Machine or Mill, bulky material is crushed to a fine or very fine-grained final product. Applications are for wet grinding, dry grinding, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing.

The used Mills mainly come from the chemical, processing and environmental technology, or even from the food industry. The Disintegrating Machines are in good used condition. Some of them have already been dismantled and stored but others are still in operation and can be seen at the customer site. Here you can find the following Disintegrating Machines:

  • Hammer Mills
  • Bead Mills
  • Cutting Mills
  • Pin Mills
  • Ball Mills
  • Cross Hammer Mills
  • Macerators
  • Agitator Ball Mills

Overview of used mills

Agitator mill used / Z-1306

Manufacturer Bühler
Type Super Flow VCR 200

Used Mills Classifications

1. Pin Mill

The grinding principle of the Pin Mill is screenless impact crushing. The Pin Mill consists of a stationary and a rotating disk on which the pins are mounted. The product flows through the rows of pins, bounces off the pins and is thus broken. It is for universal application.

2. Bead Mill

The Bead Mills are closed Agitator Mills and consist of a grinding chamber that is filled with ceramic or hard glass beads as grinding media. The vessel, beads and medium are vigorously agitated by shaking or stirring, thus grinding the coarser particles and agglomerates and therefore homogenizing the mixture. They are now the most widely used Mills in the dispersing and paint industry.

3. Agitator Mill

The Agitator Ball Mill is used for coarse, fine and ultra-fine, and for homogenization of regrind. It consist of a horizontal cylindrical tank that can be filled with balls or Cylpebs of different sizes (10 mm to 30 mm). The ground material is crushed by slipping and rolling movements of the balls. Furthermore, it distinguishes here between:

  • Horizontal Agitator Ball Mill
  • Vertical Agitator Ball Mill

4. Wing-Beater Mill

The Wing-Beater Mill, also called Cross Hammer Mill, is suitable for batch, and continuous coarse and fine grinding. The mills are used for the preparation of medium-hard and brittle materials.

5. Macerator

Also, Macerators, Disintegrators or Cutters are machines for grinding, dispersing and homogenizing flowable liquid-solid mixtures. The Macerator is mainly used in sewage treatment plants to keep the sewage sludge flowable or macerate the mud.

6. Hammer Mill

A Hammer Mill is also called a Hammer Mill Crusher for fast and coarse shredding of various materials.

7. Cutting Mill

The Cutting Mill is a grinding machine with rotor blades and stator blades, that shred the product by cutting it. The rotor revolves at a high speed and throws the crushed product against the stator blades, until it is so small that it falls through the attached screen.

Used Mills and Disintegrating Machine Manufacturer

carda used machins deals with used Mill and Disintegrating Machines from reputable manufacturer, such as:

  • Alpine
  • Netzsch
  • Allweiler
  • Condux
  • Grieser GmbH
  • Pallmann and many more
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