Used Spiral Conveyor / SF-1170

Used Spiral Conveyor 300 /7800

This used spiral conveyor was in used in a sewage treatment plant and transported sewage sludge.
The shaftless conveyor has a conveying length of 7800 mm.
The overall dimensions are:

  • L 8500 mm
  • W 500 mm
  • H 700 mm
  • Weight of 600 kg

The drive motor has 4.0 kW. rough of the used spiral conveyor is made of stainless steel. Its spiral has a diameter of 300 mm and this is made of mild steel. Furthermore, it has a drain flange for liquid.

The used spiral conveyor has already been dismantled and can be seen by appointment in our warehouse in Sinsheim.

Used Spiral Conveyor / SF-1170_1
Used Spiral Conveyor / SF-1170_2
Used Spiral Conveyor / SF-1170_3
Used Spiral Conveyor / SF-1170_4
Name:Used Spiral Screw Conveyor
Type:300 /7800
Year built:unknown
Material:stainless steel, product touching: mild steel
Driving force:4,0 kW
Empty weight:approx. 600 kg
Dimensions:L 8500 mm x W 500 mm x H 700 mm
Description:Spiral Conveyor
Technical documentation:no
Trough diameter:trough length: 7800
Conveying length:7800 mm
Screw diameter:300 mm
Accessories:drain flange for liquids
Message:immediately available
Price:on request

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    Applications of a used spiral conveyor

    Spiral conveyors and double spiral conveyors are shaftless screw conveyors. Shaftless screw conveyor is used to transport sludge and difficult to transport solids in many industries.

    It is mainly designed for waste water treatment, residues from sugar factories, fish industry, waste treatment, fruit and vegetable processing plants, beverage industry, pulp and paper, chemical industry, food industry in general, meat processing industry, slaughterhouses, restaurants, canteens and catering industry. A motor-driven spiral conveys the material to be conveyed to the outlet.

    A shaftless screw conveyor transports materials such as:

    Conveying of sewage sludge and municipal waste materials
    Conveying of screenings
    Feeding into the fermenter of biogas plants