Trough Screw Conveyor Used 4000 mm / SF-1148

Trough Screw Conveyor Used Rematec TS.TS400 /A4.1

This trough screw conveyor used, only ran in a short-term trial operation with wood chips. A screw conveyor can also be used for liquids, powder or granules though.

Conveying length of this trough screw conveyor is 4000 mm and it has a diameter of 380 mm.

Overall dimensions are the following: L 4300 mm x W 600 mm x H 850 mm and the weight is 700 kg

Driven is this conveyor, by a 4 kW gear motor with 55 rpm.

The used trough screw conveyor is made of normal galvanized steel.

This trough screw conveyor is already disassembled and can be inspected by appointment in our warehouse in Sinsheim, Germany.

Trough Screw Conveyor Used 4000 mm / SF-1148_1
Trough Screw Conveyor Used 4000 mm / SF-1148_2
Trough Screw Conveyor Used 4000 mm / SF-1148_3
Trough Screw Conveyor Used 4000 mm / SF-1148_4
Name:Trough Screw Conveyor
Type:ZE.ST 400/A5,1
Year built:2011
Material:Normal galvanized steel
Driving force:4 kW
Empty weight:700 kg
Dimensions:L 4300 mm x W 600 mm x H 850 mm
Speed:55 rpm
Description:Trough Screw Conveyor
Technical documentation:No
Product:Wood chips / Bulk goods
Trough diameter:400 mm
Conveying length:4000 mm
Screw diameter:380 mm
Price:on request

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    Applications For A Trough Screw Conveyor

    A used trough screw conveyor finds its application in transporting bulk materials, slurries in a closed U-trough or box trough. They are widely used in heavy industry as well as fine chemical industry. They are also popular in environmental engineering.

    The trough screw conveyor mainly consist of a conveying trough or screw trough, the screw conveyor consisting of screw shaft and helix, the drive unit, the bearing of the screw shaft and an inlet and outlet.

    The choice of goods, is very large. In practice, dusty, granular, semi-moist and fibrous materials are transported. Trough screw conveyor are used for liquids, powder or granules.