Used Progressing Cavity Pump / P-1183

Used Progressing Cavity Pump Seepex BN 30-6LT

This used progressive cavity pump, type designation BN 30-6LT, was manufactured from mild steel by Seepex in 1996.

The feed pump is driven by a 5.5 kW motor, whereas the flow rate is about 30 m3/hF and the discharge pressure is 2.0 bar.

The dimensions of the used progressive cavity pump also called used eccentric screw pump are: L 1732 x W 300 x H 454 mm and it has a weight of approx. 159 kg.

The application of this used progressive cavity pump was the conveying of sewage sludge in a sewage treatment plant.

This and other eccentric screw pumps are already dismantled and can be inspected in our warehouse. Please contact us for an appointment.

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Used Progressing Cavity Pump / P-1183_2
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Name:Eccentric Screw Pump
Type:BN 30-6LT
Year built:1996
Material:mild steel
Driving force:5,5 kW
Dimensions:L 1732 x W 300 x H 454 mm
Empty weight:159 Kg
Speed:340 1/min
Flow rate:30 m3/h
Operating voltage:380 / 660 V
Type of protection:IP55
Flanges:250 mm
Technical documentation:in German
Price:on request

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    Progressing cavity pump

    Progressive Cavity Pumps, also called Eccentric Screw Pumps are used in all industries for continuous promotion of virtually all media. Specifically designed for viscous media as slurries, liquid manure, oil and fats, the eccentric screw pump finds its use.

    Functional principle of a used Progressive Cavity Pump

    All eccentric screw pumps belong to the group of rotary displacement pumps. The characteristic feature of these pumps is the special design and arrangement of the two conveying elements, the rotor and the stator.

    As a result of the different number of rotations of the rotor and the stator, a chamber is formed which opens and closes in a continuous sequence during the rotational movement of the rotor, the material to be conveyed being continuously transported from the suction side to the pressure side.

    Due to the result of the geometrical design and the constant contact between the two conveying elements, sealing lines are produced, which provide an absolute seal between the suction side and the pressure side in any position of the eccentric screw, even at a standstill. Due to this closure between the suction side and the pressure side, the pump receives its high absorbency.

    However, it should be noted that on abrasive media, the wear is very high. This can lead to high operating costs.