Centrifugal Pump / P-1118

Centrifugal Pump KSB Etanorm SYT 100-250 SYT8

This centrifugal pump is used for pumping liquids in heat transfer systems or hot water circulation. This heat transfer oil/hot water pump is unused.

Construction type:

  • Spiral casing pump
  • Process design
  • Horizontal installation
  • Single-stage
  • Performance and dimensions according to EN 733

Pump casing:

  • Radially split volute casing
  • Replaceable split rings
  • Spiral casing with cast-on pump feet

Impeller shape:

  • Closed radial impeller with spatially curved blades

Shaft seal:

  • Standard mechanical seal according to EN 12756

The volute pump is designed with an axial flow inlet and a radial flow outlet. The hydraulic system is guided in its own bearing and is connected to the motor via a shaft coupling.

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Name:Centrifugal Pump
Type:Etanorm SYT 100-250 SYT8
Year built:2010
Material:body material nodular cast iron
Driving force:75 kW
Max. operating temperature:350 °C
Dimensions:L 1750 x W 720 x H 900 mm
Empty weight:approx. 700 kg.
Speed:2975 1/min
Flow rate:240 m3/h
Operating pressure:delivery head: 85m, discharge pressure: 16 bar
Operating voltage:400 V / 460 V, frequency area 50 Hz
Type of protection:IP 55
Technical documentation:yes, in German language
Message:This Etanorm SYT pump is as new and unused. Centrifugal pump are used in heat transfer systems (DIN 4754) or for hot water circulation. Viscosity: V=0.7 nn2/S
Price:on request

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    Volute Casing Pump or heat transfer oil/hot water pump

    A volute pump is used for pumping liquids in a heat transfer system or hot water circulation.