Loedige Dry Powder Mixer Used / M-0642

Loedige Dry Powder Mixer

The Loedige Dry Powder Mixer also spelled Lödige Dry Powder Mixer, also referred to here as Horizontal Mixer, was manufactured in 1998 and has a total content of 15,000 liters. This Loedige Horizontal Mixer is equipped with oblique blades. It has 90 kilowatts drive and a starting motor that has 12/20 kilowatt.

This Loedige Dry Powder Mixer or Horizontal Mixer is sold with a control cabinet and the base frame. This Loedige Dry Powder Mixer was used for mixing chemicals and is no longer in operation. Please contact us for a viewing at our warehouse near Heidelberg in Germany.

Loedige Dry Powder Mixer Used / M-0642_1
Loedige Dry Powder Mixer Used / M-0642_2
Loedige Dry Powder Mixer Used / M-0642_3
Loedige Dry Powder Mixer Used / M-0642_4
Name:Plough Share Mixer
Type:FKM 15000 D
Year built:1998
Material:Regular steel
Driving force:90 kW drive and starting motor 12/20 kW
Empty weight:Approx. 27 tons
Description:Horizontal Batch Mixer
Total content:15000 liters
Message:Control cabinet, base frame
Price:On request

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Applications for a Dry Powder Mixer

With a Dry Powder Mixer dry materials such as powders are mixed. It consists of a fixed drum and a rotating shaft in the interior. Located on this shaft are arms with plowshares as mixing tools. These produce a very high mixing intensity in the mix. Furthermore, a Dry Powder Mixer is characterized by a high mixing quality and fast mixing times. With various products, so-called agitators or cutter heads are being used. These are fixedly attached to the drum. The inner cutters rotate at a high speed and bring an even higher energy input. The material is therefore being mixed more intensely.

Areas for Dry Powder Mixer

A Dry Powder Mixer has a varity of names such as: Ploughshare Mixer, Plough Shear Mixer or even Paddle Mixer. Solid mixtures or dry materials such as powder are mixed with these. Applications of a Plow Mixer can be found in many areas such as:

  • Mixing processes in the chemical industry
  • Manufacture of pharmaceutical products
  • Processing of bulk materials
  • Food processing

  • Feed processing
  • Building materials industry
  • Environmental technology