Used Industrial Mixers

Mixing with used Industrial Mixers is a basic operation in the mechanical process engineering, where at least two substances are united to form a homogeneous mixture. The starting materials can be in different states of matter, such as solid, liquid or gaseous. There are also a variety of used Industrial Mixers, which are characterized by: design, mixing tools, process engineering and the mixing product.

Used Industrial Mixers for mixing and homogenizing of bulk materials, pastes and liquids you can find here:

  • Used batch mixers
  • Used industrial powder mixer
  • Used industrial paint mixer
  • Used plough shear mixer

  • Used dispersion mixers or dissolver mixer
  • Used horizontal mixer
  • Used intensive mixers
  • Used paddle mixers

Overview of used industrial mixers

Image of Used Double Shaft Mixer / M-1012

Used Double Shaft Mixer / M-1012

Manufacturer: SEVAR
Type: DWM 315
Carda-ID: M-1012

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These used Industrial Mixers come from the processing of bulk materials, the manufacture of chemical and pharmaceutical products and from food processing. The used Industrial Mixers are in good used condition. Some of them have already been dismantled and stored but some are also still in operation and can be viewed at the customer site.

Mixer Manufacturers

carda engineering deals with used Horizontal Batch Mixers, Vertical Batch Mixers and Continuous Mixers from reputable manufacturers:

      • Lödige
      • EMT
      • Drais
      • Vrieco
      • Diosna

      • Nauta – Hosokawa
      • Werner & Pfleiderer
      • Linden
      • AMK
      • and many more

Mixer Designs

The mixers differ according to the type of procedure. There are so-called Batch Mixers or the Continuous Mixers.
Furthermore, another distinction:

After the number of mixing shafts:

  • Single Shaft Mixer
  • Double Shaft Mixer
  • Multi Shaft Mixer

After the alignment of the mixing tools:

  • Horizontal Mixer (horizontally mounted mixing shafts)

  • Vertical Mixer (vertically mounted mixing shafts)

After The Application / Industrial Use:

  • Dry Mixer
  • Powder Mixer
  • Spice Mixer
  • Paste Mixer

  • Oinment Mixer
  • Feed Mixer
  • Granules Mixer
  • Pharmaceutical Mixer, etc.

Discontinuous Mixer or Batch Mixer

The batch mixers are distinguished by the high quality of mixing and short mixing time. There are many different types:

Mixer For Dry Materials

For dry materials such as powders:

  • Intensive Mixer
  • Turbulent Mixer
  • Plow Mixer or Ploughshare Mixer
  • Blade Mixer
  • Ribbon Mixer or Ribbon Blenders
  • Speed Mixer
  • Paddle Mixer

  • Screw Mixer
  • Cone Screw Mixer or Nauta Mixer
  • Tumble Mixer
  • Cone Mixer
  • Universal Mixer
  • Granules Mixer

These are often equipped with agitators or cutters, which promises an even more intense homogeneity

Mixers For Pasty And Very Viscous Materials

The following are used for pasty and very viscous products such as adhesives, sealants, putties and doughs:

  • Planetary Mixer

  • Sigma Mixer or Z Blade Mixers

Mixer For Liquids

Mainly used for liquids are the following:

  • Reactor vessel or Stirred Tank Reactor

  • Dispersion Mixer or Disperser Mixer

Continuous Or Flow Type Mixer

Continuous Horizontal mixers are used in continuous operation. The advantage of the Continuous Mixer is the high throughput. The applications are similar to the batch mixer.
For dry materials the following are used. For example: Double Shaft Screw Mixer, Twin Shaft Paddle Mixer, Paddle Mixers and Ribbon Blenders.

In pasty and viscous materials Extruders are used.

For liquids, for example, On-Line or Flow Mixers


Please contact us if you can not find a suitable Used Industrial Mixers.