Second Hand Filter Press / F-1126

Second Hand Filter Press von Roll HV6 1200

This second hand filter press where the plates are suspended at the top, was built in 1976 with an automatic plate transport system. The used chamber filter press is sold with the hydraulic system, control cabinet, laser light curtain, drip tray and filter cloth washing system.

This second hand filter press is equipped with 120 polypropylene plates (which were installed in 2012). Plate size of this filter press is 1200 x 1200 mm and the cake thickness is 30 mm.

The used filter press has a press capacity of approximately 4920 liters. The filter area of this filter chamber press used is about 295 m2, the filter pressure is 15 bar and the closing pressure is 300 bar.

The used filter press or also chamber filter press is meanwhile no longer in operation and can be inspected on request on site in Germany.

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Second Hand Filter Press / F-1126_2
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Name:Chamber Filter Press
Manufacturer:von Roll
Type:HV6 1200
Year built:1976
Plate size:1200 x 1200 mm
Number Plates:120
Filter area:295 m2
Press content:4920 liters
Cake thickness:30 mm
Plate material:polypropylene
Filter pressure::15 bar
Construction form:over-head beam
Closing pressure:300 bar
Plate Transport:automatic
Plate pack length:approx. 7900 mm
Dimensions:L 11000mm x W 1700 (2100 mm with filter cloth washer) x H 2200mm (2604 mm with filter cloth washer)
Technical documentation:in German
Accessories:hydraulic, control cabinet, light curtain and filter cloth washer
Price:on request

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    Second Hand Filter Press Applications

    With a Chamber Filter Press fluids are cleaned, and solids are separated from liquids. Applications of the Chamber Filter Press can be found in many industries, such as:

    • Chemistry and electroplating
    • Ceramics and kaolin processing
    • Mining and stone-soil

    • Paper and textiles production
    • Environmental and wastewater treatment
    • Food and beverage industry

    Second Hand Filter Press Special Advantages

    • High solids concentrations in the cake
    • Free access to the filter plates by the overhead bridge
    • Low power consumption
    • Automatic plate transport

    • Easy and safe operation
    • Low investment costs compared to other filter systems
    • Durable equipment