Squirrel-Cage Motor Siemens 400 kW / EM-1133

Squirrel-Cage Motor Siemens 1LA8 405-8PB80-Z

This electric motor is a asynchronous squirrel-cage motor with compact dimensions in fin-cooled design from Siemens. Produced in 2010, the squirrel-cage motor was only used for spare parts storage for a foreign project and was therefore never in use. The squirrel-cage motor has therefore no operating hours and is in mint condition.

The power of the Siemens squirrel-cage motor is 400 kW and the speed is 742 (max. 2200) revolutions per minute at a frequency of 50 Hz.


Length: 1900 mm, width 1200 mm, height 1300 mm, weight 3000 kg.

Technical documentation is available in German and English.

Gladly, the Siemens 1LA8 squirrel-cage motor can be inspected in our warehouse by appointment.

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Name:Low voltage / transnorm motor
Type:400 kW / 1LA8 405-8PB80-Z
Year built:2010
Hours of operation:0 hrs
Empty weight:3,0 T
Construction form:IMB3 (foot)
Dimensions:L 1900 mm x W 1200 mm x H 1100 mm
Speed:742 1/min. / Max: 2200 1/min
Operating voltage:400 / 690 V
Type of protection:55 IP
Description:Squirrel-Cage Motor
Technical documentation:yes, in German and English
Performance:400 kW
Frequency:50 Hz
Rated current:740 / 425 A
Message:Rotor class: Rotor SQU.CAGE KL13 -for Simovert Masterdrives / Sinamics-. Dimensioning and operating behavior IEC/EN 600034-1.
Price:on request

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    Squirrel-Cage Motor Siemens

    Transnorm motors are low voltage motors for higher power applications up to 5.3 MW.

    These motors are available with all common cooling methods and for all common supply voltages in the low-voltage range and are designed for operation on the mains or on an inverter. They can be used in numerous industries such as chemical, oil and gas, cement, mining, paper, water and wastewater, steel and shipbuilding.

    Source: Siemens