Electric motor used 15 kW / EM-1155

Electric motor used 15 kW EMOD FKF160M/2AT

This electric motor used 15 kW was only in operation for a trial operation!

The frequency controllable 15KW three-phase electric motor can be described with the following data:

50 Hz: power 15 kW, speed 2930 rpm, voltage 400 V, rated current 26.0 A.
67 Hz: power 15 kW, speed 3925 rpm, voltage 400 V, rated current 27.0 A.

Type B3 / size: 160M/2AT. Diameter of the shaft ends is 42 mm and the length is 110 mm. The torque 49 Nm and the protection class is IP55 (dust-proof, protection against water jets (standard protection class)). Efficiency is 88.9% and it has a power factor of 0.91 cos.

Dimensions are the following:

Length: 850 mm, width 400 mm, height 350 mm and the weight is about 121 kg.

This used electric motor 15 kW Emod FKF160M/2AT can be viewed in our warehouse. Please contact us for an appointment.

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Name:15 kW electric motor
Type:15 kW- FKF160M/2AT
Year built:2011
Empty weight:121 kg
Construction form:B3, size: 160M/2AT
Dimensions:length: 850 mm, width 400 mm, height 350 mm
Speed:2930 / 3925
Operating voltage:400 V / 400 V
Type of protection:IP 55
Description:variable frequency three phase motor
Technical documentation:yes (PDF)
Frequency:50 Hz / 67 Hz
Rated current:26,0 A
Torque:49 Nm
Shaft end:diameter 42 mm x 110 mm long
Price:on request

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    A three-phase motor is an electric motor which is controlled with a three-phase alternating current or also “three-phase current”. This can be done by a three-phase mains supply or a frequency converter. Three-phase motors are designed as synchronous motors and asynchronous motors:

    Synchronous motors: cannot start independently without auxiliary means. Frequency converters are therefore connected upstream for startup and control.

    Asynchronous motors: are manufactured with up to several megawatts of power and are most frequently used in industrial applications.

    Three-phase motors are operated in industry, production or in electrical machines.