Used Sludge Centrifuge GEA Westfalia / C-1134

Used Sludge Centrifuge GEA Westfalia CA 505-00.12

The used sludge centrifuge GEA Westfalia was put into operation in 1998 in a wastewater treatment plant for sludge dewatering.

This used sludge centrifuge CA 505-00.12 can be described with the following data:

The bowl and the screw are made of stainless steel. The inner diameter of the bowl is 510 / 300 mm and the bowl speed is 3500 1/min. The drum drive is 75 KW.

Dimensions : length 3600 mm x width 1200 mm x height 2200 mm.
Weight of only the decanter is about 5030 kg. Weight with motor: 5900 kg.

The used sludge centrifuge consists essentially of:

  • used decanter centrifuge
  • motor Loher ANGA-280SG-02C
  • a lifting device
  • technical documentation in German

The throughput in the municipal sewage sludge was about 30-40 m3/h with sewage sludge and the permissible sediment density 2 kd/dm3.

The used sludge centrifuge GEA Westfalia, can be viewed by appointment and is available immediately.

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Used Sludge Centrifuge GEA Westfalia / C-1134_3
Used Sludge Centrifuge GEA Westfalia / C-1134_2
Used Sludge Centrifuge GEA Westfalia / C-1134_4
Name:Decanter Centrifuge
Manufacturer:GEA Westfalia
Type:CA 505-00.12
Year built:1998
Material:stainless steel
Driving force:75 kW
Max. bowl speed:3500 1/min
Inner diameter drum:510 / 300 mm
Dimensions:L 3600 mm x W 1200 mm x H 2200 mm
Empty weight:5030 kg. Gewicht mit Motor: 5900 kg
Technical documentation:in German
Accessories:Lifting device, technical documentation in German
Message:without control cabinet, flat cone extended version, drum drive type 1= belt drive with electric motor in standard version with fluid coupling, worm drive type 2= two -gear drive
Price:on request

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    Applications for a used Sludge Centrifuge

    With a sludge centrifuge or decanter centrifuge, solids or liquids with different densities are separated. Applications of Decanter Centrifuges are found in numerous areas such as:

    • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
    • Sludge dewatering in chemical and pharmaceutical processes
    • Clarification of liquids

    • Chemical recovery in the paper industry
    • Sludge thickening
    • Extraction of animal and vegetable oils and fats

    Benefits of Decanter Centrifuges

    • Minimum operating costs through continuous and automatic operation
    • No pollution and no emissions, due to closed construction

    Advantages of a Decanter Centrifuge

    • Continuous automatic operation
    • Due to the closed design the product is not contaminated and no emissions are released into the environment

    • Less space is required
    • Less staff is required