Used Trough Screw Conveyor / SF-1123

Used Trough Screw Conveyor TMG TS O6

This particular used trough screw conveyor was used in a municipal sewage treatment plant. It conveyed the solid sludge, which was dewatered by a decanter centrifuge, horizontally into a waiting trough container.

Dimensions are as follows: trough is 2325 mm long, 350 mm wide and 370 mm high.

Diameter of the screw is 315 mm and the trough tube has a diameter of 108 mm.

Driven, is this used trough screw conveyor, by a 2.2 kW geared motor with 29 revolutions per minute, 230/400v, 50 Hz.

It is made of mild steel. Furthermore it has a solid slide valve.

The trough screw conveyor has already been dismantled and can be inspected in our warehouse in Sinsheim, Germany by appointment.

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Trogförderschnecke gebraucht SF-1123_
Name:Used Trough Screw Conveyor
Type:TS O6
Year built:1999
Material:Normal steel
Driving force:2,2 kW
Empty weight:370 kg
Dimensions:L: 2325 mm x W: 350 mm x H: 370 mm
Speed:29 rpm
Description:Trough Screw Conveyor
Technical documentation:Yes
Trough diameter:350 mm
Pipe diameter:108 mm
Conveying length:2285 mm
Screw diameter:315 mm
Accessories:Including solids slide valve
Price:on request

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    Application for a used trough screw conveyor

    Used Trough screw conveyors are mainly used for the transport of bulk materials and sludges in a closed U-trough or box trough. They are used in the heavy industry as well as in the fine chemical industry. They are also used in environmental technology.

    The used trough screw conveyor essentially consists of a conveyor trough or screw trough, the screw conveyor consisting of screw shaft and screw spiral, the drive unit, the bearing of the screw shaft and an inlet and outlet.

    The selection of goods is very large. In daily operation, dusty, granular, semi-moist and fibrous materials are transported. Trough screw conveyors used are used for liquids, powders or granules.