Spark Erosion Machine used / D-0727

RFE Rheinische Funken Erosionsmaschinen 601 TTH

The Spark Erosion Machine is dismantled and can be viewed on site.

Name:Spark Erosion Machine
Manufacturer:RFE Rheinische Funken Erosionsmaschinen
Type:601 TTH
Year built:1980
Technical documentation:Yes, in German
Accessories:Filter system with pump
Control cabinet
Message:The machine is equipped with a Hirschmann joint head, H 1.2 system, Orbi-Cut System 3 R
Price:On request

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What is Spark Erosion Machine

A Spark Erosion Machine is a tooling machine for the machining of electrically conductive materials by the spark erosion process.
The defination of spark erosion is a subtractive method for thermally conductive materials.