Polymer Preparation Station / D-0936

Polymer Preparation Station H.Kocken Dosiersysteme HTD 2.000

The H.Kocken HTD 2.000 Polymer Preparation Station was built in 1996 and has since been used in a wastewater treatment plant with a decanter.

The POLYKOMPAKT Polymer Preparation Station of the HTD series is designed for an automatic approach of a uniformly concentrated solution in a continuous flow process.

The starting material is dry, free-flowing granules or liquid concentrate of polyelectrolyte and water. When using liquid concentrate, the stirring and ripening time is considerably shorter than with dry granules.

When using dry granules, the digestion takes about 45-60 min. The liquid concentrates are in the range between 25% and 40% active ingredient.

As a rule, a 0.1 percent ready-to-use solution is used. However, it is also possible with the system to drive more concentrated solutions.

The dosing material is added via a controllable dry material feeder. The dosing material then flows through chamber one and two, before it is withdrawn in the third chamber of the so-called ripening chamber. This is also equipped with a level control.

The 2000 l/h Polymer Preparation Station is divided into 3 tanks with chambers 1 + 2 each: 670 L and chamber 3: 670 L). The drive motor has approx. 2.1 kW and the speed is 920 1 / min. Product contact parts are made of stainless steel or plastic.

As an accessory there is a control and a dry material feeder. In addition, the technical documentation is included in German.

Dimensions of this Polymer Preparation Station are as follows:
L: 2700 mm x W: 1000 mm x H: 1700 mm
Weight: 360 kg
Approximately: 2.1 kW

The Polymer Preparation Station is no longer in operation. It is dismantled and can be seen in our warehouse in Sinsheim, Germany.

Polymer Preparation Station / D-0936_1
Polymer Preparation Station / D-0936_2
Polymer Preparation Station / D-0936_3
Polymer Preparation Station / D-0936_4
Name:Polymer Preparation Station
Manufacturer:H.Kocken Dosiersysteme
Type:Polykompakt Serie HTD 2.000
Year built:1996
Driving force:Approx. 2,1 kW
Dimensions:L: 2700 mm x W: 1000 mm x H: 1700 mm
Empty weight:Approx. 360 kg
Content:2000 l/h (chamber 1+2 each: 670 l, chamber 3: 670l)
Technical documentation:In German
Accessories:Controls, dry material feeder
Message:Product contact parts of stainless steel or plastic.
Price:On request

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Polymer Preparation Station

The H.Kocken HTD 2.000 Polymer Processing System was especially developed for the continuous supply of a uniformly concentrated polyacrylic acetate solution in a continuous flow process.

The required stirring and maturing time is determined by the retention time in the three chambers connected in series and the limitation of the amount of operating water.

The container is divided into 3 chambers. A batching, a maturing and a dosing chamber.


  • compact construction
  • ready to ship delivery
  • small space requirement with high throughput
  • product contacting parts made of stainless steel or plastic
  • no corrosion problems

Source: translation from Kocken dosing systems