Used Filter Press – Decanter Centrifuge – Mixers – Pumps

carda engineering has since 1995, mainly specialized in the purchase and sale, as well as the mediation of Used Filter Press – Decanter Centrifuge – Mixers – Pumps, as in:

  • Used Filter Presses
  • Used Decanter Centrifuges
  • Used Mixers
  • Used Disintegrating Machines and Mills
  • Used Pumps
  • Diverse Used Equipment

Through our extensive worldwide client contacts we export over 70% of our used machines abroad.

In collaboration with our expert partners, carda-engineering offers many years of experience in dismantling and transportation of Used Filter Press – Decanter Centrifuge – Mixers – Pumps.

With our partners we can support you in the assessment and revision of used process equipment.


Our Used Filter Press – Decanter Centrifuge – Mixers – Pumps Overview

Bild von Used Filter Presses

Used Filter Presses

With Used Filter Presses fluids are cleaned and solids are separated from liquids. Used Filter Presses are discontinuous pressure filters, they are reliable and robust in many different applications. With great success they are used in many different i …

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Bild von Used Industrial Mixers

Used Industrial Mixers

Mixing with used Industrial Mixers is a basic operation in the mechanical process engineering, where at least two substances are united to form a homogeneous mixture. The starting materials can be in different states of matter, such as solid, liquid or …

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Bild von Used Decanter Centrifuge

Used Decanter Centrifuge

With a used centrifuge, a used decanter or used separator solids are separated from liquids, or liquids with different densities are separated. Due to the high drum speed, the heavier parts are forced to the outside by the centrifugal force and dischar …

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Bild von Pumps


Pumps are machines for the transport of liquids. This includes thick, viscous liquid-solid mixtures and so-called pastes. The applications are very versatile and can be found in all all industries. Here you can find the following Pumps: Progressing Cav …

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Bild von CHP Unit / Cogeneration

CHP Unit / Cogeneration

Used Cogeneration Units / CHP Units or used combined heat and power (CHP) generators produce both electrical energy (electricity) and thermal energy (heat). Combined heat and power plants are available in many different variations, with CHPs differing …

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Bild von Disintegrating Machines and Mills

Disintegrating Machines and Mills

With a Disintegrating Machine or Mill, bulky material is crushed to a fine or very fine-grained final product. Applications are for wet grinding, dry grinding, dispersing, emulsifying and homogenizing. Here you can find the following Disintegrating Mac …

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Bild von Diverse used Machines

Diverse used Machines

Here you will find divers used machines for many different applications such as: Polymer systems Screens Generators Bag filling systems Bioreactors Storage tanks Blowers Conveyors Compressors Autoclaves Diverse used Machines Polymer Preparation Station …

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What Is A Used Machine

A machine is called a used machine if it had at least one previous owner. This may be a machine in mint condition with only a few working hours to a used machine with high mileage. In a short time and with low cost and effort, these machines can be brought into a functional and operational condition.

The used industrial machines come in part from

  • Insolvency Auctions
  • Bankruptcy Assets
  • Production Stops
  • Plant Shutdowns
  • Production Changes

The machines are usually dismantled and no longer in service. Many production machines can often still be seen in operation. Careful removal of the equipment is a prerequisite for a trouble-free recommissioning.

The Benefits Of Used Equipment

The benefits of Used Filter Press – Decanter Centrifuge – Mixers – Pumps towards the purchase of new machines are

  • Low Purchase Price
  • Immediate Availability

Please contact us if you can not find a particular machine, we are glad to help you. If you have surplus machinery, we would be happy if you offer it to us. In either case, we can assist you.